May my eyes serve as a window into a world we have yet to understand, and may my testimony serve as a bridge that unites humans across cultures. The injustices and human rights violations I have beheld have fueled my drive to capture truth, use media as a pacifying medium and bare witness. May my creative work materialize the imagination, push the creative boundaries and generate unbelievable moments.

Elisa L. Iannacone.

I have worked as a filmmaker and journalist in over 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East. My work has allowed me to learn directly from people belonging to all walks of life, from incredibly remote landscapes to C-level business executives working within diverse industry sectors. I have produced work for various outlets such as National Geographic, BBC World News, Vice, Think Africa Press and Global Business Reports. My multimedia skills range from pre to post production for video content, as well as photography and print journalism. I have worked with the latest technologies in film production and am always eager to test out new techniques and experiment to push the creative boundaries. Working as a journalist, photographer and project coordinator for Global Business Reports has allowed me to learn and produce content on international industry sectors and financial markets. My background is in film production and journalism, with an MA in International Journalism from City University London, with a specialty in Conflict Zones, and a BFA Hons in Film Production from York University, with a specialty in Cinematography (Toronto, Canada). Interning at White Pine Pictures with producer Julia Bennett on "The Prosecutor" allowed me to learn about archival research, media development and producing. I worked as cinematographer and journalist at CineFocus Canada and on the GreenHeroes Season 2 TV series, and have had shot films that have screened in various film festivals.



DR. JERRY DIAKIW, SOCIAL JUSTICE & EQUITY, Faculty of Education, York University
MARY GORMAN, Environmental Activist