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Elisa is a professional member of the Public Speaking Association (PSA) and Global Speakers Federation. She has experience talking on television, radio, podcasts, and large international news outlets, such as BBC World News.


She interviewed President Zelensky (Ukraine) for Newsweek, President Ramkalawan (Seychelles) for the Dubai World Expo, and has in-depth experience moderating business panels across diverse industry verticals for Global Business Reports.


Elisa has delivered TEDx Talks, such as "Reframing Fear: A Cinematographer's Take", "Reframing Justice: The Comedy of a Broken System" and "La Cultura del Silencio" (upcoming: Mexico City, March 3rd, 22, in Spanish).


Her love for public speaking developed at a young age. With a strong focus on empowerment, resilience, social impact and how to turn adversity into strength, Elisa is available for individual, corporate and organisational training on adaptability, creativity, and overcoming adversity. 


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